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Ahead of Print policy

Articles published online under the Ahead of Print model are considered published and can be cited and quoted using the DOI as the reference source. Wolters Kluwer Medknow has a policy that changes will not be made after publication of an article without following accepted procedures for making corrections to the scientific record.

 Full text articles
Bilateral fractures of the femoral neck
Tse-Pu Huang, Tsu-Te Yeh, Chia-Chun Wu, Chun-Chi Hung
Successful treatment of early-onset morganella morganii sepsis in an extremely low birth weight infant
Chia-Ning Chan, Shyi-Jou Chen, Chih-Chien Wang, Wen-Tsung Lo
Leiomyomatosis peritonealisis disseminata resembling intra-abdominal malignancy
Chia-Ching Chang, Yi-Hsin Lin, Kuo-Min Su, Mu-Hsien Yu
Nonmesh laparoscopic repair of incarcerated obturator hernia
Ching-Ching Chen, Ting-Yuan Feng, Ren-Tzer Wang, Hao-Ming Chang
Acute cardiopulmonary decompensation following ethanol sclerotherapy under general anesthesia
Yen-Chu Chen, Hou-Chuan Lai, Yi-Hsuan Huang
Conservative management for spontaneous lumbar facet joint hemarthrosis in severe hemophilia a: A rare case report
Chia-Ying Lai, Yeu-Chin Chen, Tsung-Ying Li
Refixation of labrum in pincer type of femoroacetabular impingement
Tsang-Shuo Shao, Pei-Hung Shen, Ru-Yu Pan
Successful laparoscopic repair for large paraesophageal hiatal hernia presenting cardiopulmonary problems: Two case reports
Fang-Chin Hsu, Hsin-Mei Pan, Teng-Wei Chen, Kuo-Feng Hsu
Respiratory syncytial virus and streptococcus pneumoniae co-infection in an elderly individual within a familial cluster
Ju-Chien Hsueh, Der-Ming Chu, Feng-Yee Chang, Yung-Chih Wang
Polymicrobial spontaneous pyogenic spondylodiscitis: A very rare entity!
Vishal Mangal, Jayaraj Hasvi, Subir Dey, Anil Shankar Menon
Intraurethral condyloma acuminata treated with electrocauterization without the use of cutting mode: A case report and literature review
Bo-Ren Wang, Chin-Cheng Yi, Hsin-Hsuan Cheng, Jane-Dar Lee
Asystole due to vagal reflex in a patient with obstructive sleep apnea during anesthesia intubation with laryngoscope
Hsiang-Han Huang, Mei-Hua Hu, Go-Shine Huang
CIC-DUX4 sarcoma: A case report and review of the literature
Chang-Hung Liao, Yi-Jen Peng, Yi-Chih Hsu, Ping-Ying Chang
Spontaneous early recanalization of an acute internal jugular vein thrombosis
Yi Liu, Chi-Hsin Ting, Yueh-Feng Sung, Fu-Chi Yang
Quetiapine-induced drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptom syndrome
Roshni Acha Biju, Sandhra Davis, Ganga Sanal
Neuroendocrine tumor gall bladder: A case report and review of literature
Aashita , Vikas Yadav, Anuja Kapoor, Rajiv Sharma
The deterioration of radiation proctitis after a course of acute urine retention successfully treated by argon plasma coagulation
Fang-Chin Hsu, Sheng-I Hu, Yi-Chiao Cheng, Chia-Cheng Wen
“Ewing's Sarcoma of Calcaneum” an Uncommon Tumor in an Unusual Site with Skip Metastasis: An Enigma
Pranita Mohanty, Anima Hota, T Govardhan, Satya S Mohapatra
Myoepithelial carcinoma of mandible: A rare case with literature review
Rituparna Biswas, Anirban Halder, Mimi Gangopadhyay, Tshering Doma Bhutia, Dipanwita Biswas
Malignant extragastrointestinal stromal tumor: A challenging diagnosis due to unusual presentation
Abhay Vilas Deshmukh, Swati Dhanraj Hagone, Vitaladevuni Balasubramanyam Shivkumar, Nitin M Gangane
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis masquerading as tumor bleed in a patient of carcinoma cervix
Vishal Mangal, Rajagopal Srinath, VK Lekshmi, Shweta Pandey
Cellular immunotherapy with immune killer cells for treating a lung cancer patient with liver metastasis
Chieh-Yung Wang, Chung-Kan Peng, Chih-Feng Chian
Oral to nasal endotracheal tube exchange in patients difficult to undergo laryngoscopy
Chia-Dan Cheng, Chen-Hwan Cherng
Intractable headache due to schwannoma in the right thoracic paraspinal space
Po-Kuan Yeh, Hsu-Kai Huang, Yi-Shu Liao, Fu-Chi Yang
Different preanesthetic evaluation and management cause a major different outcome in an esophageal achalasia patient
Yu-Chou Chen, Pei-Han Fu, Yao-Tsung Lin, Jen-Yin Chen, Zhi-Fu Wu
An extremely low dosage of baclofen-induced neurotoxicity in a patient with end-stage renal Disease and Parkinsonism
Chun-Lin Kuo, Chih-Sung Liang, Yueh-Feng Sung, Chia-Kuang Tsai
Ketamine treats nalbuphine sebacate-induced hyperalgesia
Su-Zhen Wu, Jen-Yin Chen, Zhi-Fu Wu
A modified device for airway management in procedural sedation and analgesia
Chun-Chang Yeh, Wei-Lee Lin, Tai-Hsiang Chiu, Wei-Cheng Tseng
Combination use of laryngoscope, jaw thrust, and trachway for improving difficult tracheal intubation in obese
Wei-Chieh Chiu, Zhi-Fu Wu, Meng-Fu Lai, Hou-Chuan Lai
A comparison of absorbable polymetric clips and metallic clips in laparoscopic appendectomy
Ting-Yuan Feng, Sheng-Chun Wang, Guo-Shiou Liao, Teng-Wei Chen, De-Chuan Chan, Kuo-Feng Hsu
Comparing the efficacy of ultrasound-guided supraclavicular brachial plexus block with or without intercostobrachial nerve block for forearm surgeries - An observational study
Diksha D'mello, Neeta Santha
C-reactive protein as a potential effective predictor of perforated appendicitis in pediatric patients
Chia-Wei Chang, Shyi-Jou Chen, Der-Shiun Wang, Chih-Hsiung Hsu, Wan-Fu Hsu
Epidemiological features of health care-associated Acinetobacter baumannii infections in Taiwan during 2008 − 2019
Chi-Jeng Hsieh, Chia-Peng Yu, Chun-Yu Liang, Min-Tser Liao, Li-Chun Liu, Fu-Huang Lin
The beneficial effects of chitosan dressing in third-degree swine burn model
Chih-Hsin Wang, Chin-Hsien Tsai, Jar-Yi Ho, Wen-Zhi Lin, Chin-Mao Hung, Juin-Hong Cherng
Ultrasound-guided posterior transversus abdominis plane block versus epidural analgesia for postoperative pain relief in lower abdominal surgeries
Arnab Das, Kunal Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Shalendra Singh, Subhasish Patnaik, Nimish Gaur
Path analysis of the effects of life stress and social support on rural adolescents' quality of life in Taiwan: Family hardiness as a mediator
Luke Yang, Yu-Lun Tsai, Pei-Ling Yang, Chun-Chi Lu, Jen-Jiuan Liaw, Hsiang-Yun Lan
Identification of metabolite shifts and early serum predictors for indicators of remodelling in diabetes and nondiabetic models of cardiac hypertrophy
Dharaniyambigai Kuberapandian, Victor Arokia Doss
The prognostic implication of coronary artery calcification in patients with atrial fibrillation
Chih-Weim Hsiang, Wen-Yu Lin, Cheng-Hsiang Lo, Chun-Yu Liang, Tsung-Kun Lin, Chun-Hsien Hsieh, Jia-En Chen, Wen-Cheng Liu
Court-Ordered forensic psychiatric evaluations for offenders with schizophrenia with homicide charges in Taiwan
Hui-Yi Wang, Yu-Ching Chou, Shin-Chang Kuo, Chun-Yen Chen, Tien-Yu Chen, Nian-Sheng Tzeng
Evaluation of normal calcaneal angles in Chennai population
S Shobika, B Jagadeesh
The use of beta-blockers before major trauma and posttrauma outcome: A nationwide population-based study
Jen-Chun Wang, Wu-Chien Chien, Chi-Hsiang Chung, Po-Chuan Chen, Chin-Li Chen, Shih-Hung Tsai
Benefit of broccoli extract-sulforaphane prophylaxis in ventilator-induced lung injury
Chen-Liang Tsai, Chih-Ying Changchien, Chi-Huei Chiang, Shan-Yueh Chang, Ying-Chieh Chen, Chih-Feng Chian
Expression of Ki-67, P63, P40, and alpha-smooth muscle actin in salivary gland carcinomas with or without myoepithelial differentiation
Saman Salehizalani, Saede Atarbashi-Moghadam, Sepideh Mokhtari, Farzad Yazdani
Histopathological evaluation of estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, and human epidermal growth factor receptor-2/Neu expressions in breast carcinoma and their correlations with other prognostic factors: A hospital-based study
Hena Kawsar, Anuradha Sinha, Md Sadakkas Ali, Jyoti Prakash Phukan, Swapan Pathak
Gut microbiome profiling in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and healthy individuals in Indonesian population
Nuíman A S Daud, Nasrul Hadi Akram, Najdah Hidayah, Sri Jayanti, Irda Handayani, Muhammad Nasrum Massi
Physical activity, psychological distress, perceived stress, and sleep quality in people with schizophrenia and depression: A descriptive cross-sectional study
Shu Ping Chuang, Jo Yung Wei Wu, Chien Shu Wang
Assessment of bone marrow iron stores using gale's grading and its correlation with iron deficiency anemia
Ishani Gupta, Bhavneet Kour, Roopali Jandial, Subhash Bhardwaj
Comparison of the incidence of sudden sensorineural hearing loss in Northern Taiwan and Southern Taiwan (2000–2015)
Shih-En Tang, Shu-Yu Wu, Fang-Yu Jhou, Chi-Hsiang Chung, Wu-Chien Chien, Chih-Hung Wang
Nonadherence to dietary activities and its associated factors among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in an urban area of South India: A cross-sectional study
Mounica Chappidi, Priyadarshini Chidambaram, Shalini Shivananjiah, Shivaraj Nallur Somanna
Correlation of inflammatory markers with renal dysfunction and their outcome in symptomatic adult COVID-19 patients
Ravi Wadke, Shalendra Singh, Amul Gupta, Samveda Shirish Samel, Priya Taank
The relationship between the sugammadex use and postoperative reintubation in the absence of neuromuscular monitoring
Chung-Yi Wu, Ke-Li Wu, Tsai-Shan Wu, Wei-Cheng Tseng, Bo-Feng Lin, Hou-Chuan Lai
Risk and predictors of patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by radical cystectomy or transurethral resection alone for muscle-invasive bladder cancer: A single-institute experience
Pei-Jhang Chiang, Kai-Hsiung Ko, En Meng, Tai-Lung Cha, Guang-Haun Sun, Dah-Shyong Yu, Chien-Chang Kao
Clinical analysis for osmotic demyelination syndrome in patients with chronic hyponatremia
Hsi-Chih Chen, Chih-Chien Sung, Yi-Chang Lin, Lin-Chien Chan, Shih-Hua Lin
Age and Comorbidities as Predictors of Hospital Mortality in Adult Patients Who Receive Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Therapy: A Population.based Study
Te-Chun Yeh, Hsiao-Huang Chang, Ju-O Wang, Senyeong Kao, Tso-Chou Lin, Shung-Tai Ho
Inertial measurement unit-based functional evaluation for adhesive capsulitis assessment
Chih-Ya Chang, Yung-Tsan Wu, Ching-Yueh Lin, Te-Jung Liu, Tsung-Yen Ho, Yu-Ping Shen, Kai-Chun Liu, Ting-Yang Lu, Li-Wei Chou
Retracted: Association of severity of alcohol dependence with various domains of alcohol-induced sexual dysfunction
Harpreet Singh Dhillon, Bhupendra Yadav, Ravish Kumar, Gurpreet Kaur Dhillon, Shibu Sasidharan
Psychological impacts of COVID-19 pandemic
Cian-Cian Lin, Chin-Bin Yeh
Coronavirus disease-2019 and the kidneys: A tragedy of reciprocal damage and management challenges
Eman Sobh, Ahmed Salama Al-Adl, Mohamed F Awadallah, Khloud Gamal Abdelsalam, Sohaila Sabry Awad, Amal M Surrati, Hani A Alhadrami
Potential utility of tranexamic acid in combat trauma
Shalendra Singh, George Cherian Ambooken, Venigalla Sri Krishna